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2005年 05月 08日


Beastlord pet heals: Changes to Pet heals will be going live in the udpate scheduled for May 11th.
Pet healing is one of the main things the beastlord class was built on. We had hands down the best pet heals in the game. In fact, our heals for our pet were comparable to cleric heals. However, since PoP beastlord pet healing has fallen off a lot. Both our level 61 and our level 66 pet heal spells have a 9 second base casting time. That is simply too long for the heal to be useful. Beastlords are a melee class and in most cases the 9 second pet heal simply isn't practical. Many high level beastlords don't even keep a pet heal spell mem'd anymore and instead find themselves relying on the exact same tools every other pet class uses (pet mend, pet regen, PoC, etc)

要するに Pet healing Spellsの変更が5月11日のパッチで入るようです。
Lucyで確認すると すでに 変更が! 
Test Serverで 4月25日~テストが行われています 最終Verは判りませんが 例として
66Spellの Healing of Mikkilyを上げておきます。

by pumitanneko | 2005-05-08 10:55 | 日記らしき物

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